George Lawrence teaches and coaches pro and adult drummers in private lessons and master classes at his studio in Nashville TN (Bellevue area). George is a veteran pro of the Nashville and Los Angeles music scenes. To schedule a lesson, call or text George at 330 338 6035.

George offers specialized private courses of study in
-Reading, writing and counting drum music. There are many working drummers who don't know how to read standard music notation. They started playing professionally because they had natural talent and never had the opportunity to study. George has worked with many of them to get them up to speed with this skill that increases their potential to play gigs and sessions that require reading music. 
-Reading Nashville Number Charts. A necessity in the Nashville music industry. George wrote the very first book: Nashville Number System for Drummers in 1999 and uses it to bring drummers up to speed on reading number charts. Usually in about one or two sessions. (It's not hard). He also teaches a master class about the Number System.
-Rudiments, stickings, snare drum and stick technique, advanced drum set grooves and styles. Many pro drummers who never studied or have not studied in a long time feel that there are gaps in their knowledge of drumming. George addresses this in private lessons tailored to each individual drummer. George acts as a coach, motivating students in a fun and encouraging way to catch up on those areas that they want to conquer.
-Nashville Repertoire - Songs are our stock in trade. George has sound files and charts on the large number of songs that a pro drummer may encounter in the Nashville gigging scene.
-"Welcome to Nashville" is a multi hour/multi day intensive  for Nashville "newbies"- one on one instruction and live gig/jam session immersion that introduces the Nashville drumming business to drummers who have just moved here or those who are thinking about moving here.
-"Tune Up" - one off lessons for those who want some new material to work on, or just need motivation to knock the rust off their chops.

Lesson rate is $40 for a private hour lesson through 2017. Master classes are $20 - $30 for a full afternoon or evening three to four hour class. George teaches on weekday afternoons and evenings. He is usually playing gigs on the weekends.

George is the owner/editor/publisher of Not So Modern Drummer magazine. Here is some info about the magazine and George's biography and resume