These are links to lists of our new, used and vintage gear on Craigsllst, Reverb and Ebay, & a list of services below.

Repair shop, Consignments, Appraisals  
330 338 6035

Most repair prices are based on a minimum $50 hourly labor charge, but shorter jobs will be pro rated. Also we charge package prices for some large jobs :

custom built wood drums
bearing edges
snare beds
holes drilled for parts
reinforcement rings installed
shells cut
damaged shell restoration
shell steaming

metal work:
stand tubes cut
metal shells put back in round
bent hoop/rim repair

Cymbal repair:
Cracks cut
cracks welded
cleaning and polishing
sizzles installed
hole grommets installed

clear shells
cleaned and polished
cracked shells glued

All colors and styles of wraps sold per piece or sheet
Re wrapping of drums on our custom DrumWrapper machine
(we do not do paint finishes, sorry)

Drum Wrapper machine $1500

Appraisals by George Lawrence

Basic Quick Appraisal - $20 - based on your pictures and any other info you have, I will give you an approximate resale value within 24 hours based on comparables and my expertise.

Appraisal with documentation - $50 - Resale value with documentation of my research emailed to you.

Insurance appraisal - $125 - Notarized paper certificate of appraisal, full detailed list of items for proof of value for your insurance company. Two hour maximum. Any research or preparation over 2 hours will charged at $50 an hour



I advertise consignments on this website, the Not So Modern Drummer Newsletter, Not So Modern Drummer Face Book, other social media, sometimes a special email blast to the 30,000 subscribers, craigslist, Ebay, Reverb. All at my discretion.

Brokering - 10% of sale price. I don't receive or ship the items. I advertise the item(s) based on your pictures and information, and arrange the sale between you and a known buyer. Payment comes to me to be held in escrow until buyer receives the item and is satisfied. Seller pays all advertising fees.

Physical Consignment - 20 - 30% of sale price - I clean, photograph, advertise, sell, receive and ship the items. I receive all payment from buyer and pay your balance upon customer's satisfaction. Seller pays all incurred fees; credit card, paypal, ebay fees, etc.out of his balance: Percentage amount depends on time involved.

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