Vintage and Used drum gear I own that I'm selling or gear that I'm brokering for another seller. If it's showing here, it's available to buy (unless it's marked SOLD). Brokerage terms: I charge 10% for brokering. I find buyers for sellers. I do it on a handshake, no contract. Going strictly on my reputation here. I vouch for any of the sellers that I know and will have to interview any unknown buyers and get to know them before I sell for them. The buyer sets the asking price. I submit any serious adequate offers to the buyer and have him or her contact you if they accept your offer. Please ask me all questions in the comments or via email and I will relay the answers. Once the buyer and seller agree on price and shipping, they handle all transactions and shipping arrangements. I'm out of the picture. Once the payment is made, shipping is complete and everyone is happy, the seller pays me 10% on the honor system. I arbitrate any disagreements or discrepancies after the fact, but that hasn't happened yet because I'm pretty careful about who I deal with. Thanks, George Lawrence.