Independent Drum Builders

also known as custom drum builders and boutique drum builders, drum builders are usually small one man shops selling drums direct to the customer.

AD Drums
Carl Haffield

AM Cajons
Sean Genack

Beat Boogie Quality Custom Drums
Steve Crabtree

BC Drumworks

Bellwether Stave Snare Drums

Benny Drums
Toni Fernandez

Cask Drum Craft

CDM Custom Drums

Cold Mountain Drums
Brian Baron

DaVille Drumworks

DiPietro Drums
Tony DiPietro

Chet Damian

Dub Drums
Christian Wise

Flying Dutchman Drums
Peter Adelmann

Forecast Drums LTD
Carl Haffield

Forge Creek Snares

Fox Drum Co.
FB Fox Drum Co.

Hill Country Drums
Caleb Moldenda

Holloman Custom Drums

Jon Cross Custom Drums
John Cross

Kenton Drums

Mic Scharf

Laatz Drums
Dave Laat
FB - Dave Laatz

Lane's Custom Fiberglass Drumshells
Lane Kennington

Liuteria Respighi
Alessandro Respighi

M4 Drum Company

Mlasko American Classic Drums

Montgomery Drums

Morgan Davies Drums
Matt Davies

Nawlin's Percussion
Yehuda Avram
FB - Nawlin's Percussion

Noonan Custom Drums

Not So Modern Drum Company

OCD Optimum Custom Drums
Dan Oppmann

Orchestral Percussion
Paul Jefferies

Parton Drum Works
FB Parton Drum Works

Queen City Drums
Tim Guilfoyle

RAC Drums

Rathkamp Drums

Riverside Drum
Henry Rodriguez

Roberts Drum Company
Brian Roberts

Sara Drums
Josip Stojcevic

Schinbein Drums

Sia Drums

Side Kick Drums
Jim Darnell

Steady Rhythms
Dan Watson

Stellar Drums and Hoops

Sully's Custom Drums
Sean Sullivan

Swede's Customs

Tee Drums
Alan Tocknell

Trinity Percussion Group
FB Trinity Percussion

Troyan Zachow Drums
Alexander Zachow


Markus Unterthurner and Urban Piazzi

VK Drums (Van Kleef Custom Drums)




Josip Stojcevic

Owner's/CEO's/main contact's email: