This music award and publicity event was started by Not So Modern Drummer founder John Aldridge in 1998 as “basically an excuse to get a bunch of really cool drums into one room at the same time.” It has evolved into an international showcase for some of the best snare drums in the world. It is a huge year long publicity event that has been heavily promoted by the major drum magazines, online drum sites and has gone viral on YouTube. Facebook, Twitter and other social media have added another big layer of publicity over the past couple of years. Updates and results are published as press releases in all the music trade magazines. Whether you are a custom builder or a major manufacturer, this is a chance to get your cream of the crop instruments into the public and industry spotlight, with very minimal cost. The public displaying will be at the Chicago Drum Show, May 20 & 21, 2017.

Above: Hands on judging, 2014 SDO

Above: Playing for the blind judging, SDO 14