2017 Snare Drum Olympics registration

-The entry fee for each drum is $125. Please make check or money order (only) George Lawrence and send U.S. mail to George Lawrence, Not So Modern Drummer, 3341 Towne Village Road, Antioch TN, 37013. Sorry, no credit cards or online payments for this one.

-Fill out the online form below. We will print this out here and attach it to your drum for the duration of the event. 

-Insure your drum for shipping and return shipping. Send it in a very sturdy box and packing material that will survive a lot of transporting as we will be moving them around a lot. Do not use styrofoam packing peanuts. They are evil, pollute the environment and fly out of the box all over the place. If you wrap the drum in plastic or bubble wrap do not put packing tape on it. We do not want to put a knife anywhere near your drum and that's the only way to remove that stuff. Use a few short pieces of scotch tape. Please follow these instructions. We will return any drums that do not follow our packing guide lines. 

-Each drum must have a return shipping label. Please place it on the drum head. All drums will be returned after the final judging and results announcements (early first quarter 2018) unless another option is checked.

-Please tell us in the additional comments box on the form if you are consigning the drum to us to sell at a 20% consignment fee, having someone pick it up in Nashville, or want to donate it to the Not So Modern Drummer Museum.

-All drums MUST have a Remo ambassador coated batter head and a clear ambassador snare side head. Any drum that does not have these specific heads installed will not be judged. The heads on all drums must be the same we can compare apples with apples. 

Please don't leave any boxes blank below. If it does not apply to your drum or you don't have an answer, please type NA. This will be emailed to George Lawrence at Not So Modern Drummer. Call if you have any questions about filling out the form.

Contact name *
Contact name
Contact's Phone *
Contact's Phone
Return Shipping Address *
Return Shipping Address
I have included a return shipping label *
Check here that you have headed the drum with a coated Remo Ambassador batter head and a clear ambassador snare side head. *
By checking here, you agree to abide by all rules and guidelines of the Snare Drum Olympics and give Not So Modern Drummer permission to publicize, show, video, photograph and display your drum in any publication, location and venue in the United States. I also understand that there may be normal wear to the drum due to handling by NSMD, judges and the public. *