Index page Hierarchy

*latest articles
-banner is hidden in design options
-It's a blog type page
-first post is a summary in grid style with article % set at 80%. New articles must be set as featured so the summary block will aggregate them. Remove old articles (2 months old?). They will still show up in each writer's page.



1. HOME PAGE - has thumbnails of each author and Title of the author's column that link to

2. Author's Blog  List page - a regular page with banner image that generates the thumbnail on the index page?, and a summary block for listing and linking the individual articles. Go to the Display tab of the Summary Block to set the category that links with the article below.  The convention for that is "A1MC" - Alphabetical/Numerical/Author's intials.      Go the settings tab of the banner image to set excerpt, read more., etc.

3. Article - resides in ?. Each article's category must correspond with Author's Blog List Summary Block - convention above. Excerpt is set in article, 

"Each Summary Block allows you to place a maximum of 30 posts in them, but you can add as many Summary Blocks to a page as you like. This is where the Categories and Tags will come in. If you have 10 different categories you'd like to show with the Summary Blocks, you can use 10 different Summary Blocks that link to the 30 posts that have a particular category or tag." (means first 30 go in a summary block. next 30 go in a second summary block on the same page, etc.)

As an example, the first Summary Block on your page could link to the 30 posts labeled with the SB1 category or tag. The second Summary Block could be linked to SB2, so on and so forth. Alternately, you could choose the 30 posts to label Interviews 1 and the 30 subsequent interview posts could be labeled Interviews 2.

Author Categorie

Mike Curotto -
MCA1 (first summary block, first 30 posts)
MCA2 ( second summary block, second 30 posts)



Combine all GL articles, editorials, whatever and everything (except Blue Book articles and news articles ) to one category

Combine all shopping, all products into Not So Modern Drum Shop - Sales and Service category