1900s F.E. dodge drum kit

Recently a client of mine gave me a 100 year old F.E. Dodge drum kit that was in their attic that belonged to a relative. Knowing I am a drummer they gave it to me to see it would go to someone who would appreciate it. The kit included a bass drum with an almost mint wooden pedal & bass drum cymbal, two snares, snare stand dated 1901, a triangle and even three original pairs of drum sticks: wood, rosewood & ebony wood. The snares on one snare drum were the original cat guts.

I called my friend Rich King who deals with hard to find drums and parts who has put kits together for Charlie Watts in the past among others. He took the kit and within days it went to a collector of old Boston drums.

Below are some photos taken by Rich and a photo of the drum kit of the original owner. I thought you may be interested.

James Dillard

Editor's note - (Heck yeah, I'm interested, James. This is like manna from heaven to us vintage drum nerds. Those drums were most likely used in theatres. Thanks for the article and thanks for being a conscientious drum preservationist).