Mike Clark: Words of Wisdom - Part 11

I'm not interested in the latest trends! I don't care about Little Suburban Johnny and a new take on drumming. The heart of a jazz musician usually isn't about that… Which is a blessing; because you stick to your beliefs, and that makes you a man.

It has its drawbacks though… I do like a lot of the so -called "new stuff" - which to me isn't new. When you’ve lasted as long as I have, you realize it’s recycled. That being said, I am grateful for this understanding and being involved a lifetime in the art I love. One thing Buddy Rich did say that I dig is - Play your own thing - Then you are a man!

Listening to Sarah Vaughan and pondering how truly great she was. Sarah had that deep understanding of everything about the music a very long time ago... Way ahead of her time!

All that bull about a medium to slow tempo is hard to play comes from those who don't know how. For me, it’s relaxing and easy. What’s the big deal? Gimme’ a break with that old BS!

 I listened to Donald Harrison's new track entitled ‘Dats Jazz’…Totally floored me! A new and fresh approach, and he's bringing everything inside of him to the music. The band gets it… Gets him, and responds accordingly - Very Deep vibe! - You owe it to yourself to seek this out and hear this great new music!

My new instructional book and video on Bebop and Post-Bop is edited; now the written transcriptions. It looks and sounds good if I do say so myself. Don’t like everything I do just because I did it… But this one is informative for days!

Here’s one for ya’ - Did Elvin Jones play behind the beat? I have talked to a few of the bass players who were on the gig for a long time and it was interesting to hear what they had to say...What do you think?