Rewrapping 1969 Ludwig Hollywood Kit

Name: Gary Sagendorf

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Subject: rewrapping 1969 Ludwig "Hollywood" kit.

Message: Any idea how much rewrapping a vintage kit impacts on the monetary value of the drums? I bought them to play but I, also, considered the purchase as an investment, of sorts. The kit I recently purchased is pretty faded, evidenced by the beautiful silver sparkle underneath the lugs. In addition to the pretty severe fading, the 13" tom has an additional mount on it. Removal of the mount leaves 2 fairly noticeable holes. I can't, for the life of me, think of a reason to put an additional mount on the drum. Judging by the color of the wrap beneath the additional mount, I'm guessing the mount was added early on in the life of the kit. The person I purchased them from was not the original owner and couldn't really tell me about it. I'm currently looking in to purchasing the material to rewrap the kit but I'd like to hear your expert opinion on the matter. Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated.