An Evening with Pat Metheny featuring Antonio Sanchez

“I am not a huge fan of the whole idea of "genre" or styles of music kind of to start with. To me, music is one big universal thing. The musicians who I have admired the most are the ones who have a deep reservoir of knowledge and insight not just about music, but about life in general and are able to illuminate the things that they love in sound. When it is a musician who can do that on the spot, as an improviser, that is usually my favorite kind of player”- - Pat Metheny

Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center Great Barrington, Massachusetts - August 2, 2018


This was Pat Metheny’s third appearance at The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center. Pat really enjoys playing there saying… “It’s one of the best sounding theaters in the Northeast”. Metheny, who has won twenty Grammy Awards, brought down the house once again that night. Playing well over two hours of both new and older material. It appeared that the audience was completely mesmerized by the incredible talents of the musicians on stage. Pat Metheny on guitar, Linda Oh on bass, Gwilym Simcock on piano, and Antonio Sanchez on drums. 

Pat’s current group is a unique combination of some of the finest musicians on the planet… Playing numerous songs from Metheny’s extensive four-decade catalog all from memory. It was total ‘eye and ear candy’ for the senses, with the entire audience treated to an amazing night of non-stop technical brilliance.

Knowledge and insight not just about music, but about life in general and are able to illuminate the things that they love in sound. When it is a musician who can do that on the spot, as an improviser, that is usually my favorite kind of player” --Pat Metheny

Drummer Antonio Sanchez who has won four Grammy awards is considered by many to be one of the most prominent musicians in the business. He began playing the drums at the age of five, and began performing live as a young teenager. Sanchez’s performance at The Mahaiwe that evening was nothing short of an artistic revelation. 

Antonio has a conceptually melodic approach to the drums. His use of dynamics and space shape the textures he applies to both the drums and cymbals…He always gives plenty of breathing room for the other musicians to solo and improvise. Sanchez’s time is impeccable keeping everyone locked in, yet flowing naturally. He is the epitome of a supportive timekeeper and stylistic groove master with truly amazing chops.

It is uncanny how Antonio channels so many legendary drummers…Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Chico Hamilton, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, and Joe Morello – Just to name a few. While a student at Berklee College of Music he studied with John Ramsay, Jamey Haddad, Casey Scheuerell, Ron Savage, Ed Uribe, and Kenwood Dennard. 


Everything Antonio plays is carefully thought out and executed. He expresses incredible tonal qualities that blend easily with the other musicians. There is an uncanny psychic connection between Metheny and Sanchez which has to be experienced live to fully appreciate. It is no wonder that Antonio Sanchez has been Pat Metheny’s drummer of choice since the year 2000. 

“The thing that blew my mind the first time I heard Antonio was that I'd never heard anyone play that soft and that simple. He had such a great touch. It wasn't until I had gotten together with him to play that I learned that he had ridiculous chops. The drum chair in this band is a hot seat. The requirements for this gig are very specific and very broad at the same time. At the core of it, the drummer has to be a fully formed, conceptual jazz musician who understands orchestral music and is comfortable playing a number of different styles. It is really about making each moment come alive through an improvised gesture”. -- Pat Metheny

In 2013, Antonio’s album “New Life” made up entirely of his own compositions was released. It received rave reviews  from numerous critics everywhere. Downbeat Magazine said: “New Life is that rare combination of great composing, great players and great musicianship”
Later that year, Antonio was asked by film director Alejandro Gonzales Iñarritu to create the original film score for Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). It won the Sound Stars Award for best Film Score at the 2014 Venice Film Festival and was nominated for the 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for best original Film Score. Throughout the entire soundtrack Sanchez’s improvisational drumming is prominently featured while bolstering each important scene.

“Antonio Sanchez remains one of the greatest drummers of this or any era.  It is thrilling to get on the bandstand with Antonio every night. You just can't wait to play with him” .- -Pat Metheny


Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center: 8/2/2018 Partial Set List 

Pikasso Guitar Intro

Have You Heard

Bright Size Life

Farmer’s Trust

Better Days Ahead

Phase Dance

Acoustic Medley: Minuano (Six Eight) / September 15 /

This Is Not America / Last Train Home

Antonio’s Setup

Drums: Yamaha

5×14    Snare

8×12    Small tom

14×14  Floor tom
16×16  Floor tom

14×18  Bass drum
5×14   Auxiliary snare

Cymbals: Avedis Zildjian
14″  Vintage A hi-hats
18″  K EFX crash
22″  Constantinople Medium Thin High ride
16″  EFX crash 
21″  Vintage K ride
22″  A Custom Flat ride
6″    A Custom splash
22″  A Swish

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