Percussion-Creative Looking for vintage drum photos for "genesis" of drums poster

Maybe some of you can help Timo with this request. Please email your responses to <>

Dear Mr. George Lawrence,

my name is Timo Ickenroth, I am a member of the advisory board of Percussion Creativ e. V. , the largest charitable European association for drummers. You can find us here:

 We are writing to you because we are currently working on a poster about the genesis of drums and drumming and are looking for photos that we may officially use on this poster, which we wanna release December 2019.

Specifically, we are looking for photos and images on the following topics:

+/- 1865 Double drumming
1875 Sonor Johannes Link
1883 Duplex Drum Company (claw-hook tensioners, separate-tension snare drum) Emile Boulanger
+/- 1890 Early Pedals (overhang pedal)
1898 Adjustable snare drum stand Leedy, Ulysses Grant Leedy
1909 Ludwig Drum Company William F. Ludwig, Theobald Ludwig
1909/1910 Bassdrumpedal Ludwig, William F. Ludwig
1911 metal snare drum Ludiwg & Ludwig, Robert Danly
1913 Flyswatters/Brushes Alliston and Weinstein
1914 Throw-off snare strainer Ludwig & Ludwig, Robert Danly
+/- 1918 Trap drums
1918 Jazz-Er-Up Ludwig
1919 Snow Shoe, Sock Cymbal Ludwig & Ludwig
1925 Low Boy / Sock Cymbal / Low Hat / Duncan Sock Cymbal Zildjian, Vic Berton
1926 HiHat Walberg & Auge
1926 Pearl finishes Leedy
1927 black beauty engraved brass-shell snare drum Slingerland
1928 conventional Hihat Leedy, Ludwig, Slingerland
1931 multi ply-shells
1931 Rhythmicon Henry Cowell, Léon Theremin
1936 Separate-tension tunable tom toms Slingerland, Gene Krupa
1937 four piece drum kit without traps Slingerland Radio King
1938 triple flanged rim Ludiwg & Ludwig, Cecil Strupe
1941 Ludwig Wartime kit (no metal parts) Ludwig
After 1945 biger cymbals (before 12“ HH, 14“ Rides) Zildjian
late 40s disappearing bass drum spurs Gretsch
1953 mylar drum head Jim Irwin for Sonny Greer
1956 plastic drum head (mylar) Marion „Chick“ Evans
1957 Remo Weather King drum head Remo Belli & Sam Muchnick

Perhaps you have one or more photos of the individual points and would like to make them available to us. In return, we would of course thankfully mention you on the poster and mark you as the copyright holder.

I look forward to hearing from you!

 Best regards,

 Timo Ickenroth

 Bachelor of Music
Warthestr. 17
56410 Montabaur

Mobil: 0171 74 77 350