Adrian Kirchler Bob Meyer Model 7x14

George, A few years ago I was at [Steve] Maxwell's in NYC and tried AK's [Adrian Kirchler's] Damian Reed model with the same snare arrangement. Steve let me take it home for a week and I dug it except for 2 things. It was too dry for my taste and you couldn't separately adjust the inner parallel wires and the outer splayed wires for tension. Adrian designed his take on an old Dresdner throw off, changed the shell from copper to brass and plated it all with 24k gold for more warmth... voila! The Bob Meyer Model 7 x 14 - 2 piece shell (like a 20's BB) snare drum.

I often use wood shelled drums (8" 30s Radio kings, Leedy B'way Parallels, etc) but when I want a powerful drum with great dynamic range and sensitivity, this is it!

Best, Bob Meyer