Rick Latham's Polish Snare Drum

We got this question from Rick Latham as he was ending his summer tour in Europe.Can any of you help us out here? - NSMD


Hi George,

Greetings brother from the Black Forest of Germany! Hope you are doing well. I'm nearing the end of a three month tour here in Europe - Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Switzerland... all great!

I ran across this drum in a drum shop in Poznan, Poland and the guys are curious if it's anything cool - or maybe a bastardized-something-weird? Ha! I told them if anyone would know, it would be you - so give it your best shot.

Very interesting to me as well - no real markings or writing of any kind that I could find, but it was only a quick look. I'm curious now to find out what it is! Ok my man, all the best and I look forward to hearing from you.



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