Terry Guinn's Drumiture

  Drummer Terry Guinn has found a special way to combine his two passions - drums and art. He converts drums into furniture and advertising specialty pieces that capture a musician’s career or a fan’s love for  his favorite team, school, or band. Terry's motto is "Save a Drum." He can find a discarded drum and bring it back to life with his unique original art. “I took a drum I found in the gutter and gave it a wonderful new life when I presented it to the San Jose Sharks NHL hockey team’s mascot 'Sharkie.' Check out the pictures  of some of his work in the pictures below, especially the one he did for Neil Peart and the one he did for the Johnny Mercer family.

Saving drums and helping charities with his "Drumiture", Terry is starting to be well known and recognized for his passion and kindness. He is now receiving back what he has given all these years from some great people he has met along the way. One particular piece of drumiture that he is proud of was created for Rod Morgenstein, drummer for the Dixie Dregs and Winger. "Rod sent me his very first two drum sets after we talked at my booth at NAMM in 2013. I worked with him for over a ten month period creating this piece.  He didn't want the integrity of the drums compromised, so we came up with hanging them from a rack so no holes had to be cut for legs or mounts!  He didn't want photos of himself inside them so we put all his major influences inside each different drum. After renting a motor home and driving across the country,  I arrived at his home in Long Island and began to install it. He is calling it his "Museum Piece".  He has his very first cymbal he ever got and is using my piece to display it and all his vintage band and music memorabilia!  He is a very generous and gracious man and it was a honor to create and deliver this for my mentor and now very close friend, Rod Morgenstein."

See more of Terry's unique art at www.drumiture.com