Subbing a gig with a Nashville Recording Artist


09/1999   I do a lot of work as a "sub"; a pinch hitter". I and a pool of other drummers that I share gigs with in Nashville have honed certain preparation skills to the point that we can guarantee an artist that we can come in with little or no rehearsal and play the parts right, catch all the cues and make the artist feel at ease. There are two gigs that I am presently preparing for. One is a Tanya Tucker gig that I am subbing for fellow drummer Steve Ebe who also plays with Kim Richie, Webb Wilder and used to play for the Dixie Chicks. The other gig is subbing for Brian Prout, drummer for the country band Diamond Rio, while he is recuperating from scheduled carpal tunnel surgery. 

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John Root's 1930s Leedy Trap Kit

Hey George,

Here's the pictures of my thirties trap kit. It's a Leedy Spartan bass drum and snare. Front head can be illuminated from inside. Horsehair throne. I've assembled the kit over time to make it a true "contraption." Leedy Chinese toms and temple blocks, Ludwig cowbells and bass drum pedal. Leedy & Ludwig hi hat sock cymbal and ching cymbal. I play this kit and it sounds like a "Steamboat Willie" cartoon.

If you've got anymore questions let me know.  Feel free to reverse the images so that no one gets hurt in the view of the pictures. LOL!

John Root Nashville, TN

"Proud Left-Handed Drummer"