Rip off alert

Matt Alling of CT Pro Percussion had a storage room full of drum gear stolen. Please be on lookout. Here is the message from Matt:

My friends, I am seeking the help of anyone that may have information on some missing gear. Unfortunately, my drum storage area was robbed and a lot of stuff was taken. So far, this is what I know has been taken:

8" Zildjian A Splash
10" Zildjian K splash
14" Zidjian Oriental Trash
14" Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats
14" Zildjian Hi-Hats
14" Dixie Star Hi-Hats
20" Zildjian K Custom Ride 90s era
22" Zildjian K Custom Ride 90s era
20" Sabian AA Rock Ride
22" Zilco thin crash 30s era
20" Zildjian Thin Ride with Rivets
22" Zildjian Zildjian Ride (50s era) 
20" Zildjian Ride with aluminum rivets - 60s era(2 rivets missing)
20" Zildjian Ride with 6 rivets holes
19" ZIldjian crash ride
18" Zildjian Medium Crash
18" Zildjian Crash 70s era
17" Vintage Zildjian K, Broken
16" Zildjian K Dark Crash
16" Zildjian A Custom Crash
15" Zildjian A Custom Crash
14" Zildjian A Custom Crash
18" Krut Cash
9.75" Zildjian Splash 50s era
8" Zildjian Splash
20" Zildjian A Ride 60s era
16" Zildjian a Crash 70s era
17" Sabian AAX Extreme China
19" Sabain AAXtreme Chines
18" Sabian HHX Chines
16" Sabian B8 PRo Chinese
18" Sabian Symphonic Vienese
15" Zildjian thin hi-hats 50s era
14" Sound Vader Hi Hat cymbal
14" Sabian B8 Chinese
14" Sabian Rock Hi-Hats
20" Zildjian K Constantinople Ride Medium Low
Slingerland Drum set - 1964, wrapped in leopard print - 12" tom, 14" floor tom and 22" bass drum with white Slingerland logo drum head. The floor tom will have no legs or missing legs since some were left behind
Black leather snare case with stud work on it, custom made by me
Brown leather snare case custom made by me
Numerous cymbal, snare and drum stands made by Pearl, Slingerland, Gibraltar and Ludwig
Tama hii-hat stand that will be missing the base cymbal felt
Ludwig Black plastic clamshell style snare drum case
Paiste cymball bag (blue)
Sabian Cymbal Bag (black)
Road Runner Cymbal Bag (grey)
Civil War snare drum with tack pattern
1946 Leedy 5"x14" white marine pearl snare drum
Tama Rockstar 13" snare in sunburst finish
Raod Runner backpack snare drum case
This is just what I know for certain is missing and will post updates as needed. I thank you all in advance for reposting this and spreading the word. I have attached pictures of several of the missing items, some of them should be pretty easy to spot since they were custom made or customized by me.
If you have any information please contact me or contact Officer Luke Rasile at the East Haven police department, 203-468-3820