DrumSellers.com - Not So Modern Drummer's new buy/sell/trade site

We invite you to belong to this new meeting place, WWW.DrumSellers.com. The "D-Bay" of drums and percussion only. No listing fees. We charge a miniscule 3.5% only if it sells. Individuals, retailers, drum builders, manufacturers are all welcome to sell. Please click on the link and browse around. We are just starting, so please sign up as a seller and/or buyer and help us populate our community marketplace. Here is a screenshot of the site you can click on to go to it.

When John Aldridge started Not So Modern Drummer in 1988 it was a simple typewritten newsletter between vintage drum and custom drum enthusiasts.  The subscription was $5 a year. It grew and grew to become THE classifieds for vintage and custom drums. Even as it evolved into a full-color news and article magazine, the heart of it was the White Pages, the classifieds in the center of the magazine. But, Ebay and the internet ate NSMD’s lunch as a classified rag in the late nineties. The subscriptions and advertisements dwindled. I've kept it above water for eight years while awaiting the right time to recapture that prominence.

Since I bought the magazine in 2009, I’ve been seeking a better business model than subscriptions and ads, and a way to restore the White Pages and provide this meeting place for us drummers once again. I dabbled with different approaches, but only recently has the technology become streamlined and affordable enough for me to start what I knew to be the real solution - a business like Ebay/Reverb/Amazon/CraigsList etc. for drummers to buy and sell drums exclusively, but better, and simpler, with a community component and a Blue Book type resource for researching and history. Drumsellers.com was launched April 1, 2018.

Here are some of the features of DrumSellers that makes it better than Ebay and the others:

-Drums Only! anything percussion related that drummers use, including electronics

-Lower Seller Fees! DrumSellers 3.5% if it sells- lower than Ebay (10%) and Amazon (15%) 

-One Fee! No extra fees like listing, fees, closing fees, final value fees.

-No restrictions! Post your telephone numbers, URLs, etc. In addition to Paypal and Stripe, sellers can accept cash, checks, money orders, Venmo, Cash App, trades, whatever form of payment you choose - Things that Ebay, Reverb and Craigslist forbid you to do and penalize you for.

-Community of familiar buyers and sellers. Vetting of users. Security and Trust. Buyer and Seller protection. We will personally contact and greet all sellers who post items for sale and the buyers who buy them.

-Forum. We have a google group for Q&A, discussion, and known experts to consult.

-Blue Book values and research via Not So Modern Drummer Archives and completed sales records. Want ads! Free Items! Manufacturers' Clearance Items! Full collection and estate sales!

Simpler, cleaner site layout without all the extraneous "attractions", small print, and chaotic, noisy, busy pages on Ebay, Reverb, and Amazon. Simple phone and pad dynamic design and an app is in the works. 

We are still in the "constantly improving and adjusting" stage but it's up and running!

On a personal note, this new venture represents what I've been working toward my whole life. It utilizes all my experience in the drum business; my “jack of all trades” experiences as a player, session musician, teacher, vintage drum collector, drum shop owner, drum sales site owner and operator, custom drum builder, drum inventor, drum repairman, editor, publisher, writer, Facebook Groups administrator and drum community organizer.  I am consolidating all my businesses into this one platform; Not So Modern Drummer, George’s Drum Shop, Famous Drum Company, and Not So Modern Drum Company are all part of DrumSellers. This business will be my sole focus from this point on and everyone who utilizes it can trust that I will personally oversee it and tailor it to the needs of my customers, peers and the world wide drum community. I have not been this excited about a drum business since I opened my first drum shop in 1985. The thrill is back!





Source: www.drumsellers.com