From the editor; Sept 2018 issue of Not So Modern Drummer

You’ll notice in this issue that there are many more links to, the new classifieds and forum for Not So Modern Drummer. I am incorporating ads into this monthly email publication. All the ads you see in this issue were posted for free. If you want to advertise your items for sale to the 60,000 subscribers of Not So Modern Drummer, please join, post your listing there for free, then contact me via email about placing your ad in this monthly email. It’s $5 per ad.

Several well known collectors are now posting a lot of their gear at DrumSellers: Phil Wilson and Gary Astridge to drop a couple of names. Several manufacturers just started posting ads: Walberg & Auge Drums, Alternate Mode/Kat, Queen City Drums, Hayward Custom Drums. I’m inviting all retailers to use, whether brick and mortar or online dealers.

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We invite you to belong to this new meeting place, Drums Only. The "D-Bay" of Drums. No listing fees. 3.5% commission only if it sells. Individuals, retailers, drum builders, manufacturers are all welcome to sell. Please click on the link and browse around. We are just starting to please sign up as a seller and help us populate our community marketplace.

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A Rare 1929 L & L Super Sensitive w "inlay" decals

The wood Super-Sensitive with the decals that resemble inlays is an extremely rare drum. Back in 1985 I sent a picture of my drum like that to William F. Ludwig II and he called to give me some info on it. Those drums were made in 1929 when the Sensitive strainer was introduced. Supposedly, only 29 were made with the decals. Yours makes only the fourth one I've seen in all the years that I've been interested in vintage drums. That one is worth around $1500-$2000 but given your particular genre of playing, I would assume it's more valuable to you as an instrument. Just in case you ever need them, Mike Curotto has reproduced the internal (upper) snares for that strainer.

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