Cymbal Lacquer for Paiste Cymbals

I was reading some posts online & George mentioned that you folks found a lacquer that was hard enough to topcoat cymbals. Could you tell me what that lacquer is or can I buy some from you folks for my Paiste Signature Series fast crash?  - Stan


Hey Stan,

NSMD doesn't sell lacquer. Lately I've been using the highest quality spray lacquer I can find at the big hardware stores - you have to turn the can upside down and clean the nozzle every time you put your finger on the spray nozzle or it will come out uneven or splatter. To clean the old lacquer off use Wright's Copper Cleaner. Check with Ferree's Tools and ask what horn lacquer they recommend - Their website is a nightmare so probably best to call.



Hi George,

Seems like Ferree's has a product called Perma-Lac, a premixed epoxy that has to be heat cured at 200F for 20 minutes - guess I'll buy some from them. Thank you for your help. That's what I was looking for .  - Stan