I Stole Ringo's Drums - and Bonzo's and...

Hello, George. We met briefly in Indianapolis at a vintage drum show. I was a guest of Bill Ludwig at the show. B3 and I have been friends since the 70s when I endorsed the company. Anyway, the case can be closed. I have Ringo's drums. Photo attached.

Sincerely, Robin Reuter-Steele Indianapolis

P.S. - I have Bonzo's set too! P.P.S. - I have Neil's set too. Last one. Anyway, I want to dump this one...it won't fit in the Prius.

Dangerous Illusions: Who Stole Ringo’s Drums?

Q: What do Ringo’s drums – the iconic Ludwig Downbeat made famous on the Ed Sullivan Show, a set of Zildjians – straight from the depths of the family fault, murder, mystery, sex and betrayal have in common?

A: Dangerous Illusions, the new literary crime novel by Joseph J. Gabriele.

Percussionist and novelist Joseph J. Gabriele paints an incredibly rich and vibrant picture in his 268-page murder mystery thriller. While hosting a lavish party at his Park Avenue apartment, Eliot Sexton, a Manhattan writer and percussionist, finds his friend and former U.S. Diplomat murdered and “THE” iconic drum set, worshiped by millions, stolen from his office – and his 70 party guests see nothing.

Mr. Gabriele leads the reader on an unforgettable journey through Manhattan in search of the killer, the thief, the drums, and answers to questions that have unpredictable and volatile consequences. New York is never what it appears to be.

The seemingly effortless blend of drum and percussion details with modern writing is superb, to say the least, and aficionados from the Not So Modern Drummer community will truly appreciate the style in which Mr. Gabriele presents classic instruments, drum shops, and legendary drummers – from Baby Dodds, Chick Webb and Gene Krupa to Joe Morello and Ringo Starr. As a drummer and reader you are instantly transported to the time and place, and the memories that made drumming history – and the many reasons each of us are drumming today. We were equally impressed with the subtle weaving of rhythmic patterns in the writing – and it had us tapping them out as we followed along, slowly becoming one with the characters.

Mr. Gabriele has presented a can’t-put-down thriller, and is well worth the read. The drum addict within us all will appreciate the attention to detail – thanks to Mr. Gabriele’s seven years of researching and writing – conveying knowledge from drum collectors, historians and experts from around the world – including the Ludwig family themselves.


“Not since Dashiell Hammett’s Maltese Falcon has an object of desire caused so much trouble.” – Craigie Zildjian


Dangerous Illusions will be released in hardcover on February 9, 2014 – the 50th anniversary of Ringo and the rest of the Fab Four making their debut in America on the Ed Sullivan Show. It is currently available as an e-book at all major online retailers. For more information, visit: www.dangerousillusions.com.